Deviant Deliberations

*A poem which was where I first came up with the name ‘Deviant Deliberations’. Written over 3 years ago *

Devilish haunts through a cemetary gate
A dying soldier cursing his fate
Tears splashing over her grave
the love he was unable to save.

Infinite dreams of a megalomaniac
a whore feeding on aphrodisiac
a nymph running through flowers like light
sticking a needle, now theres a sight.

A four year old asking his old man
“Father, why is the little girl limp? Is the beauty a slut and the beast her pimp?”
And as the slap tears his face
the boy can only cry.
Soon to be a soldier,
Soon to die.

The father walked down the hall
down to the whores room
He stared and smirked
wondering what to do.
But he died with the mothers bullet
in his heart through and through.

The mother racked in pain
remembering her years.
A nymph with a needle
running through flowers.

The world is a circle , the stories connected.
But put together
We are all forever
All demented.


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