The Elementals : Chapter 4



The rain splattered down on the lush green forest. He crouched under a tree,  his massive, dark body somehow camouflaged.

At over seven feet tall he could still move as silently as a cat and as gracefully as a lion. From his extremely broad back, hung an axe. An axe large enough to suit a man of his size.

He peered past the cover of the leaves and bushes looking for his prey.

The rain had washed away most of the tracks. But this was no ordinary tracker. He knew things no other hunter could know. His father, the leader of the tribe, had started teaching him to hunt when he was only 6. He loved the forest. Almost more than he loved Kaila.


He smiled to himself when he thought about her. Her large, beautiful eyes. Her lovely smile. The passion in that petite body was unbelievable as well. He smiled again in anticipation of what awaited him in the village.

Laurels at killing the monster which had been terrorizing the village for many months now and a night with Kaila.

The monster in question was a lion. But like this man, this was no ordinary lion. At twelve feet tall and as many across, this was a giant among lions. And a vicious one at that. Over the past few months, it had slain several villagers and injured many as well.

Then one day, the tribe leader, his father had called him into the chief’s tent.

Do you think you are ready?” Asked the Chief.

“I am” His voice was deep. Like it came from the mountains itself.

“Find it then. Kill it. Let the mountains be safe again. May Kardha bless you.”

And he had set out. Alone. To find the beast. And kill it.


“Where are you?” He murmured to himself.

He bent and touched the earth before him, then smelt his fingers.

He listened to what the birds sang.

And then…

“I’ve found you.”

He started running. The speed was unbelievable. His wet muscles glistened under the light of the torch he was carrying and his legs were a blur. With his other hand, he reached for and pulled the axe from his back. A task which would have required most men two hands and maybe another man.

He didn’t slow down. He ran faster and faster and finally skid to a hault at the mouth of a cave.

“Come out beast !” He shouted, his booming voice echoing over the forest.

“Come out and pay for all those you have slain ! I swear by Kardha, I will use your skin as my cloak or die trying !  Come ! Come and face me !”

He waited. And not long because a low growl rumbled from the cave.


A great roar ripped the silence of the night.

It came from the mountains.

“It has begun” Said the Chief of the Ndoto tribe as he gazed up at the mountains where he knew his brave son was battling the monster.

A petite, pretty young woman came up behind him and hugged him.

“Will he return?”

“No. He will die. The beast is too strong.”


The Chief looked down at the woman and kissed her on the lips.

“Then there will be nothing more to worry about Kaila”.

They retreated into the darkness of the tent.


He leaned against a tree. Or what was left of it.

He was breathing heavily clutching a deep wound on his broad chest. Blood flowed freely from several other parts of his body. Another man would have long fallen. But this man was standing. Injured, bleeding, broken. But still standing.

The battle had been fierce. The lion had the strength of many elephants and was consumed in white hot rage.

But he knew this. He had anticipated this. His father had too. And he had sent him. His son.

His bleeding chest swelled with pride at what his father would say.

But first, he had to get home.


The roars had stopped. The mountains were quiet.

“It is over”.

The Chief and all the tribe stood around a great fire. They were all looking sorrowfully at the Mountains.

They all knew he was dead. The greatest warrior of the tribe.

Then the Chief spoke.

“He was great man. And a proud man! He was my son and he has died an honourable death at the hands of a fearsome foe ! Let his sacrifice not go forgotten!”

The villagers cheered and clapped until the Chief silenced them with a gesture.

“He said to me before he left…’Father…if I do not return, take care of Kaila.’ And I shall honour this wish! I shall do what he wanted! I shall love Kaila like my own! I will marry her! Tonight!”

The villagers were silent.

They all knew how much he had loved Kaila. And of course he asked the Chief to look after her. But is this what he had meant?

Kaila looked nervously at the silent villagers and then at the Chief. If the old fool’s plan didn’t work, she would never get to be the Queen of the tribe.  She would never have enough power.

The Chief’s son was just a vessel to reach the Chief himself. And seducing the old man had been easy. He was so in love with her that he was willing to sacrifice his own son.

But the son had to be dead. Or he would tear them both apart. His anger was legendary. As a boy of only twelve, he had killed a full size elephant with nothing but a small spear and broken the tusk with his bear hands.

She shivered at what his anger would be. Thank god he was dead.

The Chief spoke again.

“Will you not speak my people ! Are you not going to aid me in fulfilling my son’s dying wish?”

That did the trick. One by one, the villagers snapped out of their thoughts and doubts and started to clap and cheer.

“The wedding shall be tonight! Make the preparations !”

He smiled lustily at Kaila.

And she smiled back.


He was almost back to the village. He couldn’t move very fast because his left knee was shattered. He also had trouble getting the axe out of the creatures mouth. He had buried it in there with all his strength and speed. The killing blow.

He could see the light from the village fire’s now. And he could hear drums. Music.

He smiled to himself. They were celebrating his return. He knew it. They had never doubted that he would return. As he limped closer he could hear the Chiefs voice.  He couldn’t make out what he was saying yet.

He limped closer….and he heard the words.

And froze in his tracks.

He could now see his father and hear his words clearly. And they chilled him to the bone.

The Chief held Kaila close to him and Kaila was smiling clinging to the Chief like a lover would.

“And to honour my sons dying wish, I hereby proclaim Kaila my wife and the queen of the tribe!”

The world seemed to slow down. He felt like a million arrows were tearing him apart. And then…he felt the anger. The anger he had taught himself to repress. The anger that he knew would take over him and blind him. The anger that he knew would wreak destruction.

He fought it.

“This is a dream….a nightmare.” He frantically thought with closed eyes.

Then through the cheering of the villagers rose the Chief’s voice.

“You are mine ! My own ! My Queen !”

He opened his eyes and saw Kaila and The Chief kiss. A deep passionate kiss.

And a black curtain fell over his eyes.


The Chief enjoyed the taste of the woman. He was successful. He had her.

He broke away from the kiss and raised his goblet of wine.

“And thus lies fulfilled my son’s dying wish !”

The crowd raised its hand to clap and opened there mouths to cheer when a voice as deep as the growl of a faraway avalanche carried over their heads.

“I made no such wish father.”

They all turned and saw him.

The warrior. His body covered in blood, slick with sweat and dirt. His massive fists were clenched into hammers. But the scariest were the eyes. And they looked straight at the Chief.

He saw the man. The man who had trained him, raised him….betrayed him.

And he saw the woman. She had loved him, cared for him….lied to him.

He saw the fear in their eyes as they looked at him and it pleased him.

He felt no love. Only hatred. And only one burning desire fuelled by the hatred.


Something strange was happening to him. He could feel the earth under his feet. He could feel it move and somehow, he knew he could move it too. He felt one with it.

His only friend in this world of betrayers.

His arms moved of their own accord

The veins on his neck stood out at his large mouth opened in a roar. A roar that even the monster he had killed would have whimpered on hearing.

He reached into the earth. He could feel its heart.

He would consume them. He would bury them all !

His entire body shone like a star and the earth started to rumble beneath him. He could not stop screaming.

Then there was pain. Pain unlike anything he had ever felt before which rose as the earth beneath his feet began to quake.

Then it happened.

The ground in front of him cracked. The crack grew larger and larger  going across the whole village in seconds. The villagers screamed trying not to fall into the endless abyss. The crack expanded even more, consuming the village as trees, huts and people fell into it falling into the never ending darkness below.

Kaila ran trying desperately to avoid the abyss but the earth beneath her feet shook too much and she could not run. She slipped and fell scrambling to get up but the ground fell away at her feet as the crack grew wider and wider and scrambling for life, she fell in, never to walk the earth again.

Women fell. Children fell. Elders and cattle screamed as they scrambled at the shaking ground. And they too fell.

Screams, wails and smoke filled the air.

And then it stopped.

He fell to the ground.


He didn’t know how many hours later he woke but when he did, all he saw before him was a veritable wasteland.

He could smell the death in the air. He saw the vultures circling the sky.

A single tear rolled down his face.

“What have I done?” He whispered. “Are they all dead? Father? FATHER? KAILA ?”

And then he heard a groan. From under a large rock near the edge of the abyss.

He was on his feet in a second and sprinting towards the rock.

He reached it and lifted it like a child lifting a kitten.

The man underneath was on the brink of death and half of his body had been completely crushed.

Blood ran from his mouth. He was barely alive. Barely.

He looked at his fathers face. And at that instant, he remembered what had happened.

The betrayal.

“Is… that son?” spluttered the chief through a mouthful of blood.

“I am no son of yours. And you are no father. For no father would send his son to his death.”

“Save me….”

“Save you!” He threw back his head and laughed. “I feel sadness for what I have done here. I feel sadness for all the dead people. I shed tears for the all but you. You and Kaila.”

His eyes softened for a moment as he spoke her name.

The Chief smiled tauntingly.”She did not love you. She used you. She just wanted to be queen.”

He looked down at the dying old man.

“Then she got what she deserved. And so have you. May Kardha show you mercy in the next realm old man. Good bye.”

“No !” The Chief yelled aware suddenly that this man was his last hope. “Don’t leave an old man behind. Please ! Please ! PLEASE!”

He spoke without turning around.“Old man? Thanks to you I have no love left inside me. Only hatred and distrust. Thanks to you, I have the blood of hundreds of innocents on my hands. You are no man. You are the Devil. ”

As he walked away, he heard his father scream his last plea for help.

“No! Don’t leave me…”

And then, the old Chief whispered his last word. His sons name.



More Random Artwork


This post coming in after a long time. And unfortunately its not Chapter 4 of The Elementals because that’s not done yet. I haven’t posted for so long not because I was saving the world or was in any other weird way busy. I am just lazy. But I dont like a damp blog. Here’s some more of my work.

What? Its a damn Bat. What were you expecting?

The ‘A’ can be whatever you want it to stand for.

Jesus in Charcoal

Clicked this during the Iron Maiden concert in Mumbai. Epic

The Elementals : Chapter 3



Rain splattered down on the massive multicoloured tent.

The large wrought iron gate about 50 metres from the tent had twisted words worked into the metal.

‘Circus Maximus’ it read.

Most people recognized the name as that of the great Roman stadium where chariots raced, gladiators fought and the audience had their breath taken away from them.

But no one who had seen this Circus’ final act could deny that it had earned the right to name itself after the legendry roman Circus Maximus.

Because the final act not only left you breathless, it burned itself into your mind.

That was why, even on a rainy and depressing day such as this, the Circus Maximus was filled to bursting.

On the ground, right in front of the audience, clowns made faces, pulled things out of each other’s noses and behinds and had the people in splits.

Far above, trapeze artists and acrobats performed impossible feats of flexibility and agility and the people gasped, ooh’ed and aah’ed.

Blindfolded men flicked knives at each other and caught them just as deftly. A small asian twisted his body into grotesque shapes and a magician pulled himself out of his hat.

Fierce jungle cats twice as big as the biggest man in the tent, giant gorillas, trumpeting elephants and roiling snakes all controlled by a single man as the people could only watch in macabre fascination half hoping the animals attack.

This was the Circus Maximus.

But this was nothing. Not yet. The final act. It was almost time.

As the performers bowed their way out of the tent to tumultuous applause, a portly man in a velvet top hat walked onto the massive stage in the middle of the tent.

And now ladies and gentlemen ! For the final act ! I give you…


She waited under the stage with her head in her hands.

The pain was almost unbearable.

The cheers from the people above were only making it worse.

She rubbed her head again.

It will be over soon. I can do this.” She thought.

Ten minutes. I can control it I have done it for so many years I can do it again.

But she knew something was wrong. Something had been wrong for the past few weeks. The headaches, the pain and the never-ending feeling that something was closing in.

She had talked to Carlos the ring master and head of the circus. Explained to him that she had almost lost control during the last act.

Nonsense! You are just getting nervous that’s all ! You’ll do fine !” He said, twirling his enormous moustache.

I’ve been doing this act for eight years Carlos. Do you think I will be nervous?” She asked testily.

Carlos backed away. There was something about her eyes which burnt into you.

I..I only meant….Look. There are important people coming tonight. Some politicians I hear. Do they come for me? Or the silly acrobats? No ! They come for you! For your act ! The great final act of Circus Maximus! Do it tonight I beg you. Then take a week off.

She sighed his drawl only worsening headache.

Fine. But this is my last act for a week.

No more. For a week. She had thought about this whenever the pain got too harsh. But now, just before the act, it was beyond anything she could imagine. It was all she could do to not fall. She would have to finish this quickly.

Then, from above her she heard Carlos’ voice.

And now ladies and gentlemen ! For the final act ! I give you… La Reina del Fuego ! The Queen of Fire !


The crowd screamed with delight.

This was what they had come here to see. Not the clowns, animals, performers or magicians. But this. The final act of Circus Maximus. The Queen of Fire.


The podium beneath her feet rose slowly as a rectangular portion of the performers arena  slid apart.

Now !” She thought and raised her hands above her head.

She felt the heat rush up her arms and erupt from her fingers in massive roiling waves shooting right out of the empty portion of the arena.


The audience gasped as an enormous pillar of fire erupted from the centre of the arena and rose high above stopping just short of the roof of the tent.

Several children screamed and covered their eyes. So did several adults.

The flames were still far enough to avoid burning the tents roof.

The audience gazed at the pillar of flames feeling the heat scorching the air. But the most amazing thing was, the pillar of fire was rectangular. Exactly the shape of the panel of floor that had slid away.

And then, it disappeared.

For a moment, no one moved.

Then somewhere in the audience a child yelled.

Look mommy !

And mommy looked. And so did everyone else. For now, where the massive pillar of fire had stood, stood a beautiful woman with her arms raised.

The Queen of Fire.


Her head was spinning as she tried to stand still. The pain in her skull was killing her. It had taken a lot of effort to maintain the shape of the fire. And that was nothing compared to the act. The final act.

She was weak and wanted to collapse.

But she would not. She would do the act.

She would stand tall and beautiful for these people.

She would show them The Queen of Fire.


The crowd cheered madly. Most of the men were speechless. The woman was beautiful beyond anything they had seen.  Her long burgundy hair shone in the light of the flames and her body was sculpted to such perfection that she could have been a goddess.

But there was something about her. Her eyes.

Even at this distance, every member of the audience could see the wild flames in them. Beautiful and dangerous.This was not a woman you wanted to get angry.

She raised her head and looked at the people.

There was instant silence.

And then she spoke. The words were not screamed. Just spoken. Yet they could be heard by each and every person in the tent.

I am the Queen of Fire ! Fear me! Revere me ! For even the guardian of the gates of hell is but my pet ! Behold ! Cerberus ! The three headed dog of hell !


The speech was useless. And she knew it.

But the people ate it up.

But that didn’t concern her at the moment. What did concern her was the blinding pain in her head which like the audience cheers had risen to a deafening crescendo in her head.

She held on.

Have to… finish…

Even as all this crossed her mind, she finished her declaration and held up her arms again feeling the heat rise up her arms.


The Queen raised her arms to the heavens and closed her eyes.

The audience waited with bated breath.

Then suddenly, thick ribbons of flame burst out of each hand.


She was sweating now.

I won’t be able to control this…have to….stop..” She thought desperately as the pain consumed her.

But she knew it was too late.

She was too far gone.


The snake like flames twisted and twirled over the audiences head forming a massive ball which hung above the Queens head like the sun.

The audience stared at the ball. Mesmerised.


Have to….stop….

But her arms worked on their own. Manipulating the fire.


The   ball suddenly twisted and bloated forming a shape. Then a nose. No. A snout.

Teeth, paws and then…eyes. Red eyes.

Three pairs of them.


Her eyes rolled into her head. She had lost all control now. Her muscles were tense against her sweat drenched clothes.

But she had to stop. Or else…


The ball had transformed. Into a three headed dog.

Cerberus. The watchdog of hell.

The audience gasped trying to move further behind in their seats as the massive hound roared at them.

It was easily as big as 10 elephants.

It roared and howled and the flames that were its body blazed hot enough to scorch the hair off some eyebrows.

Most of the children were crying. Some men and women were so terrified; they couldn’t even look at the flaming beast. But many could only stare in what could only be called a combination of horror and reverence at the gigantic beast of hell.


She lost control.

Her mind went blank and her fingers went limp.

And the fire went unchecked still rushing through her veins and out of her fingers.


Suddenly, the dog’s body was twisting and contorting. Flames shot out in every direction. The massive shape was disappearing as flames shot everywhere.

Some of the smarter people rushed towards the exit. But most of the audience sat entranced still thinking it was a part of the show.

Until one of the snakelike ribbons of fire flew straight into a woman in the third row.

Then the screaming began.


She heard the screams. Heard it as if in a dream. The pain was not there anymore.  But something was wrong.

Why was everyone screaming?

Was everything ok?

She opened her eyes.

And saw hell.


The fiery arrows shot everywhere. And burning bodies surrounded the arena. A child wailed alone in a corner, a burning pillar falling dangerously close. A woman ran past her thrashing her arms and covered in flames screeching so hard her throat might tear.

Old men fell to their knees praying for forgiveness and a man ran around screaming his lovers name.

The tent  was aflame. And everyone inside it was trapped like a rat. A rat in a volcano.

The heat was unbearable.

They were all going to die.

And it was all her fault.

She stood there, mortified at the scene in front of her eyes.

“What have I done?”

But then, instinct took over.

“I have to stop this. Pain or no pain.”

She closed her eyes and raised her palms and breathed the smoke filled air deeply. In her mind, she sang to the flames like she would, a lover and slowly, the roiling coils of fire moved together forming the same ball.

In a moment, she stood again with the massive ball of light above her. And then, it all seeped into her fingers in one furious second.

She looked around her. The crying child was safe. Alone, but safe. Someone would find him. The old man was crying out prayers of thanks at surviving and the man and his woman embraced each ther with tear stained faces.

But the burning woman lay dead. Charred beyond recognition not more than a few feet away.

“Dead.” She thought.

“And so many more…..I am a murderer.”


The blaring sirens of police vans and fire engines ripped the night air.

The officer in charge surveyed the burning bodies as his partner threw up on the ground.

He looked around and noticed a man sitting in a corner. His clothes, or what was left of them, suggested he was the ring master of the circus. His enormous moustache hung limp and he looked into nothingness.

The officer walked up to him.

“Are you Mr.Carlos?”


“Sir, I am very sorry for your loss. But could you tell me how this happened? And how such a huge fire suddenly went out?”

The man was silent.

“Sir. I asked…”

“She did it.” He said abruptly.

“She?” Asked the officer interestedly.

“Yes. She did it. She burned my circus.”

“Who? Who is ‘She’ ?” The officer was getting impatient.

“The witch. The fire witch.”

The officer lost his patience. He took Carlos by the shoulders and shook him.

“Who? Who is she? Give me a name man !”

And Carlos looked at him with eyes filled with darkness as black as the smoke in the air.


The thick black smoke swirled in the air.


The Elementals : Chapter 2



The rain still splattered down.

The dirty little girl peeked around the edge of the grimy wall behind which she was hiding.

She could still hear the men yelling for her. She could hear the anger in their voices.

She clutched the loaf of bread closer.

She peeked again and there was no one.

Now.” She thought and made a dash.

She was wrong. One of the men heard the girl splash through a puddle and yelled for the others.

She heard him coming and panicked. She ran faster.

The dirty lanes seemed to be closing in on her as she darted left and right but found no place to hide.

I’ll get away.” She thought desperately.

Stop you darned thief ! Stop !” She heard him yell.

He’s alone. I can outrun him.

But she knew this to be a lie. He was closing in fast, his big feet thumping and splashing on the muddy ground.

“Stop you little runt!”

She ran faster.

Stop thief! I’m going to kill you !

She heard the words. And stopped.

She slowly turned around.

The man skidded to a halt in front of her splashing mud on her already grimy face. He was a big man. A dark, dirty oaf of a man out of breath with all the running.

He looked at the petite girl in front of him and saw that beneath all the dirt and mud, there was a beautiful young woman.

His face cracked into an evil smile.

I’m going to have fun with you.” He said grinning through dirty yellow teeth.

I’m going to punish you for stealing my bread. And then…

Then what?”  Said the girl suddenly. Her voice was calm. Not breathless like the man in front of her. It showed no fear. It was…cold.

Then what?” She asked again.

The man was taken aback by the sudden boldness of the girl. But he quickly recovered.

He leaned towards her, his breath fouling the air in front of her face.

Then I’m going to kill you.

He didn’t notice the girl’s eyes go dark. He didn’t notice the wind rising around him. He just threw back his head and laughed like a fool.

He didn’t understand.

His voice seemed to echo in the girls head. Reminding her of another man. As big and as dirty. He used to come home and beat her Ma. He used to beat Ma and then beat her. And he used to say the same thing.

I’m going to kill you.

And one day. He did. Her Ma lay still and did not hug her like she did when the beating was over. She hated that man who left her to rot on the streets. She hated him so much.

Now she was older. And this man in front of her transformed before her eyes into the monster who killed her Ma.

And she was angry.

The wind grew faster and heavier.

She was so angry.

The wind started lifting the litter off the dirty ground.

He wanted to kill her? No. This time, she would kill him.

The wind grew sharper and stronger.

The man stumbled.

What the…” It was all he could get out before the gusts of wind seemed to wrap him. Tight and sharp. The wind was like blades tearing at him. At his flesh.

He looked down in horror at the skin on his hands watching it tear before his eyes. He tried to scream but could not. The moment he opened his mouth, the razor sharp gusts around him cut his tongue. Again and again. His stomach was slashed open and bits of his innards fell out.

His skin was being slashed at from every corner. He was dying. A horrible and merciless death.

Then it stopped.

He fell to the ground. Or what was left of him did.

Miraculously, he was still alive. With a great effort he looked at the girl who had calmly watched the whole spectacle.

Who…?” Was all he managed to get out.

The girl looked down at the torn, dying body.


And she walked away into the rain, still clutching the bread.

The Elementals : Chapter 1



The rain splattered down seeping through the soles of his shoes.

But he did not walk faster.

His pace wasn’t slow but it wasn’t quick either. It was…steady. The firm stride of a man who knew what he was doing and where he was going.

With just one difference.

He wasn’t a man. He wasn’t even human.


He reached the house and looked up. His nose crinkled in disgust. The putrid stench of rotting garbage was in the air.

The house was a ruin. A shabby, broken down, depressing dump.

I wonder why he chose this hell-hole.” He wondered.

Then, he shook his head like it didn’t matter and climbed the wooden steps to the door. He winced as one of the steps creaked.

He stood before the door and stared at it as if sizing it up.

Then, he shook back the sleeve of his right hand.

He fanned out his fingers and aimed his palm at the door.

He closed his eyes and concentrated.

And felt the lightning rush up from inside him.


The old man coughed. He looked blearily out of the window. It was raining.

That’s just great. The garbage will rot even faster now ! ” He thought.

He lit a new cigarette. People had told him since he was fifteen that he should quit. They shut up when he started killing them.

He smiled grimly.

I’m not a bad man. I do the work of the rightful. And people who defy me deserve to die.I have gods powers. I AM GOD !

He shouted the last words out loud and stood up. For a moment it looked like his rickety legs would support him. Then he slumped back on the couch.

He lit another cigarette. He had dropped the first one in his moment of excitement.

The minutes ticked by as he slowly smoked. The silence was complete.

He was almost dozing off when he heard the steps. The steady treading of someone slowly climbing the stairs. He still wasn’t sure though. His old ears could be playing tricks on him.

Then he heard one of the stairs creak. There was definitely someone there.

He panicked.

They’ve come!”  He thought. “They’ve come to kill me! But I won’t let them do it. I’ll run !

He tried to get up but his old legs were frozen with fear.

Then he heard it. The all so familiar crackling.

Slowly, he turned his head towards the door. It glowed with a brilliant blue light and he listened as the crackling turned to a roar.

Moments later, the door was blown clean off its hinges, flying across the room barely missing the old man who fell to the floor in horror.

He stared at the silhouette framing the doorway.

He saw a tall man. Not broad, but well built. His long dark cloak flapped above his ankles and he stared directly at the pathetic old man on the ground.

But what was most captivating was the man’s right hand. Blue electricity still crackled around it like moths around a lamp.

Then the old man was calm.

He knew what this man had come to do. And he knew he did not have a choice in the matter. So he looked. Merely looked.

The man walked straight up to the old man still on the ground sitting with his back to the wall.

He lifted a finger and pointed it straight between the old man’s eyes.

The old man spoke.

Before you do it, tell me. Is the new generation awake then?

The man blinked before answering.


And you are one of them?


Which one?” Although he already knew.


The old man sighed. “Yes. Then you are the strongest. I die an honourable death.”

The man nodded and pointed his finger straight at the old man’s heart. It would be painless that way.

The old man spoke again.

One last thing. What is your name?

There was a pause. The man seemed to be thinking about something. The pause lasted an eternity. And then he spoke.


And the lightning shot out of his fingers.

I should write a book


I think I should write a book. Or at the very least, a short story. Something a little different…Something spectacular. Maybe of the Steven Speilberg variety. You know, something that people will make movies out of and will be the next Star Wars.

But I’m at a loss. It’s Holi, the Indian festival of color’s and radiance and the people under my building are playing really REALLY crappy Bollywood music that is not letting the Brain Juice flow.

I just came came up with that term. Brain Juice. Not bad….will make for a decent band name. Nevertheless, that’s off topic.

So the book….yes. How about mythological? You know…with swords and bow ‘n arrows and fat guys chantings mantras  so that their arrows turn into f***ing cobras and flaming fireballs on the way. Imagine if one of them looked or scratched themselves down south while chanting the mantra. How would it be to have a Cobra instead of a wang?    Imagine he’s in bed with his wife…”Look baby ! Hisss…AAAHHH !”.

Yeah. That’ll be weird. But again. The Book.

How about time travel or underwater adventures or weird stories with big, creepy blue versions of you running around with funny hairstyles. Even the make out wasn’t fun to watch because well….they were aliens. Even if they were you. Bleh

Ok I’m sorry…I truly loved Avatar. A brilliant combination of story and special effects. Actually…when you think about it, the story was so-so. But the effects killed it.

Again off topic. Should stop doing that.

But I want my book to be like that. A kick ass story and a movie with awesome special effects.

How about magic? Everyone loves magic. Something along the lines of Harry Potter perhaps? Here’s something I came across:

“Purely in the interests of science, I have replaced the word “wand” with “wang” in the first Harry Potter Book
Let’s see the results…

“Why aren’t you supposed to do magic?” asked Harry.
“Oh, well — I was at Hogwarts meself but I — er — got expelled, ter tell yeh the truth. In me third year. They snapped me wang in half an’ everything.


“Yes,” Harry said, gripping his wang very tightly, and moving into the middle of the deserted classroom. He tried to keep his mind on flying, but something else kept intruding…. Any second now, he might hear his mother again… but he shouldn’t think that, or he would hear her again, and he didn’t want to… or did he?”


“The troll couldn’t feel Harry hanging there, but even a troll will notice if you stick a long bit of wood up its nose, and Harry’s wang had still been in his hand when he’d jumped – it had gone straight up one of the troll’s nostrils.”

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So yeah… I don’t want that.

Wait…I got it !

Superheroes !

Guy’s with powers and a dark past and wielding awesome weapons (not the convert wang to flaming yoyo thing) and killing and being brave but as the book progresses a morbid, dark plot unfolds. Not the typical “And so he saved the day”. Nah…something more along the lines off ~ “And he stood there..little pieces of his enemies flesh raining down on him, his blade still shining in the moonlight and he saved the day.”

Yep. That’ll do it.

So I have a book. I have a background. I have the characters. I just need one more thing. The story.

This should be good.

But wait…I’m forgetting something…

Aah yes…the name.

I shall call it…The Elementals.