The Elementals : Chapter 2


The rain still splattered down.

The dirty little girl peeked around the edge of the grimy wall behind which she was hiding.

She could still hear the men yelling for her. She could hear the anger in their voices.

She clutched the loaf of bread closer.

She peeked again and there was no one.

Now.” She thought and made a dash.

She was wrong. One of the men heard the girl splash through a puddle and yelled for the others.

She heard him coming and panicked. She ran faster.

The dirty lanes seemed to be closing in on her as she darted left and right but found no place to hide.

I’ll get away.” She thought desperately.

Stop you darned thief ! Stop !” She heard him yell.

He’s alone. I can outrun him.

But she knew this to be a lie. He was closing in fast, his big feet thumping and splashing on the muddy ground.

“Stop you little runt!”

She ran faster.

Stop thief! I’m going to kill you !

She heard the words. And stopped.

She slowly turned around.

The man skidded to a halt in front of her splashing mud on her already grimy face. He was a big man. A dark, dirty oaf of a man out of breath with all the running.

He looked at the petite girl in front of him and saw that beneath all the dirt and mud, there was a beautiful young woman.

His face cracked into an evil smile.

I’m going to have fun with you.” He said grinning through dirty yellow teeth.

I’m going to punish you for stealing my bread. And then…

Then what?”  Said the girl suddenly. Her voice was calm. Not breathless like the man in front of her. It showed no fear. It was…cold.

Then what?” She asked again.

The man was taken aback by the sudden boldness of the girl. But he quickly recovered.

He leaned towards her, his breath fouling the air in front of her face.

Then I’m going to kill you.

He didn’t notice the girl’s eyes go dark. He didn’t notice the wind rising around him. He just threw back his head and laughed like a fool.

He didn’t understand.

His voice seemed to echo in the girls head. Reminding her of another man. As big and as dirty. He used to come home and beat her Ma. He used to beat Ma and then beat her. And he used to say the same thing.

I’m going to kill you.

And one day. He did. Her Ma lay still and did not hug her like she did when the beating was over. She hated that man who left her to rot on the streets. She hated him so much.

Now she was older. And this man in front of her transformed before her eyes into the monster who killed her Ma.

And she was angry.

The wind grew faster and heavier.

She was so angry.

The wind started lifting the litter off the dirty ground.

He wanted to kill her? No. This time, she would kill him.

The wind grew sharper and stronger.

The man stumbled.

What the…” It was all he could get out before the gusts of wind seemed to wrap him. Tight and sharp. The wind was like blades tearing at him. At his flesh.

He looked down in horror at the skin on his hands watching it tear before his eyes. He tried to scream but could not. The moment he opened his mouth, the razor sharp gusts around him cut his tongue. Again and again. His stomach was slashed open and bits of his innards fell out.

His skin was being slashed at from every corner. He was dying. A horrible and merciless death.

Then it stopped.

He fell to the ground. Or what was left of him did.

Miraculously, he was still alive. With a great effort he looked at the girl who had calmly watched the whole spectacle.

Who…?” Was all he managed to get out.

The girl looked down at the torn, dying body.


And she walked away into the rain, still clutching the bread.


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