The little conversations of Zak & Zik: An Introduction

This started of as a vague piece of work for a T-shirt design. But I liked how it turned out. Simple, kiddish art with the characters spouting a load of bullcrap.

So I figured, why not keep building? After some deliberation, I came up with the names Zak and Zik. Again no particular reason. I had just watched the movie ‘School of Rock’ and the lead guitarist of the band in the movie was called Zak. Now that I think about it, they probably took the name from the legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde.

I liked it. It just had a nice ring to it. But what about the other character? A girl. I really don’t know why I chose Zik. Both start with a Z and end with a K. Bleh.

So I had the names, I had the art. Now all I needed was a title for the comic.


Scene from Episode 6: Revenge of the Girlfriend

“Hardly a comic” I thought as I looked at it. Two panels. A mini comic with little people having little conversations. Thats it ! The Little conversations of…what were their names again? Oh yes. Zak and Zik.

What will the jokes be about? Well…a conversation can be about anything. Art, Music, Science, Nature, Current Affairs, Sex and in some extreme cases, Justin Bieber (watch out for Episode 7 ! 😉  ). Therefore, these little guys talk about anything and everything.

This was all some time ago. Zak and Zik are 6 episodes up now and have received great response on facebook and deviantart.

Occasionally, they will assume roles of people or characters or animals, depending on what the episode is. If they do, please keep in mind that the characters they are impersonating belong solely to their original creators and this is all just a joke. So no need to get your pants in a knot and sue me. Please. Same goes for when they imitate real people. It’s a joke. Let it be.

You may notice the artwork is simple, bordering on childish, bordering on a fat, bawling two year old with a mouse in his diaper and a crayon in his pudgy fist  (exaggeration is an art).

Well, that’s done on purpose.  I like the clean and simple feel. It’s got a charm that no hi-tech,10 panels crammed into one page with flash and gaud and gore can match.

So deal with it.

That’s about it for now. The next post will contain all episodes yet released of ‘The little conversations of Zak and Zik’.

Enjoy !


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