Don’t jump to conclusions on Twitter

People who spend a lot of time on Twitter will know what I’m talking about here. It’s a big deal when someone (possibly a pretty girl) starts following you on Twitter. You’re curious. If not all out horny. Question will pop up. “Why me?”, “Do I know her? No? Awesome. So she likes me just by my excruciatingly small profile picture on Twitter. Awesome. I’m so awesome.”

But it means nothing. At all. They are possibly just trolls. Or worse spammers. Or even worse, someone who looks for ways to make a sex toy run off a phone charger.

And no that last one was not exaggeration.

I got this is my mail today:


Now I’m not overly active on Twitter and every now and then I receive a mail saying “Blah Blah is following you on Twitter” which I choose to ignore. But this one wasn’t a BlahBlah. The Twitter Handle was TheSexTopic.

I mean wow. If you get something like that in your mail and you choose not to check it out, you’re a fag. Yes I know we all keep receiving a bunch of spam mail. Look through your spam folder and you will be overridden with penis enlargement drugs, viagra , dildo sales and the occasional boob job. I hope like me these mails are ignored and deleted by you. I hope.

But this was from Twitter for gods sake. And to top it all off, it had a decent number of followers? All horny little fapfap’s? It needed a check. So that’s just what I did. Here’s what I got.

Ignore the Background


Other Tweets included :

“oouuutch, my peepee hurts watching this”

“Sex With a Strap On: The Politics of Penetration”

“Penis Measuring”

Now don’t jump to conclusions. My reaction at the first tweet too was “Holy Shit ! This is a horny Engineer bored with going *fap fap* on chat rooms.”

But then a scroll down the page revealed some interesting stuff.

” New Wii Vibrator Remote Technology for the Ladies


” Stand with Planned Parenthood tomorrow.

and even funny stuff :

” This is why I love my girlfriend so much (last Thurs)

So my point being, check the page out before going : “SLUT !!! WHORE !!! THAT GIRL CAT FROM THUNDERCATS !!!”


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